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According to the Road Traffic Act of 1988, roads have to be reasonably safe for their users. Therefore, roads that have no markings, faded lines or poorly drawn markings are at risk of violating the law. Road markings are important as they give instructions to drivers as well as the public, meaning their absence could result in unsafe conditions leading to accidents.

Both the highway authorities and owners of private roads have a duty to make roads as safe as possible for cars, so road markings should be at the top of their lists.

When do poor road markings cause accidents?

A scenario where a lack of road markings could cause an accident is where there is no indication of an upcoming junction. Roads that turn at 90-degree angles need to be marked if they become a new road after the turn. Without this, drivers will believe the same road to simply be continuing on, leaving them vulnerable to being hit by a car from the side.

Can no road markings cause accidents in car parks?

There is even the possibility of collisions in car parks if there are no road markings. Arrows on the ground indicate the routes cars should take and direct them safely towards entrances and exits. Cars could easily collide if using the wrong entrance or exit, especially if the car park is near a busy road requiring a swift turn to enter.

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