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Internal and external warehouse floor markings play a major role in optimising the safety and productivity of your warehouse.

For warehouse facilities, line markings are often used to:

  • Mark safe walkways for employees
  • Alert them of a sudden change in elevation
  • Label storage pallet racking
  • Provide directions, instructions and warnings
  • Identify loading dock or designated parking for delivery vehicles

With all these functions, warehouse line markings are an absolute must. But of all the benefits, there is no arguing that the most crucial one is ensuring the safety of your workforce.

Divides safe areas from hazardous zones

Internal warehouse floor markings effectively reduce the risk of accidents by visually separating safe zones, such as walkways, from areas that they have to keep clear of. Hazardous areas that should be clearly marked with line markings can be production areas where heavy machinery are being used or pathways where forklifts pass by.

Makes employees mindful of where they should be

Because of the highlighted line markings in the warehouse, employees become mindful of where they go and steer clear of accident-prone areas automatically. This also makes work easier for staff driving forklifts who can manoeuver vehicles more effectively without worrying about crossing paths unexpectedly with other warehouse employees as long as they stay within the designated forklift lane indicated by the floor markings.

If you have existing line markings for your warehouse, don’t let them get to the point where they start to fade, as this can lead to problems. Always have your warehouse floor markings repainted regularly.

Warehouse markings by Highway East Midlands

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