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Road markings are used on streets and major thoroughfares to inform and warn motorists and pedestrians. They make a significant contribution to maintaining safe and orderly traffic flow. Along with traffic signs, they follow national regulations and standards to ensure consistency. They need to be visible in any weather condition and should convey information in an unambiguous way. Here are some important points to ensure that road markings are working effectively.

Clear Paint

Make sure that markings are clearly painted to indicate any particular hazards ahead. For instance, a white diamond painted on the road can warn motorists that they are approaching a pedestrian crossing. This marking will require them to reduce their speed.

Regular Maintenance

It is important for road markings to remain visible at all times. However, the paint can fade and wear over time. This makes it difficult for vehicles to stay in the right lane. As such, you need to frequently repaint the roads to ensure safety.

Improve visibility

As some roads are not well lit, road markings should be visible even when it’s dark. To improve the markings, mix reflective glass beads into the paint before applying onto the surface. It can increase the visibility of the markings in wet conditions and at night. It is also an economical way to improve traffic guidance and safety.

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