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Although each warehouse chooses to draw its markings in a slightly different way, there are some standards that tend to remain constant across the board. If you’re at a loss when it comes to choosing colours, this guide will give you a helping hand.


Typically used to mark out traffic lanes and aisles, yellow lines are easy to see and guide workers and machinery around the warehouse in a safe way. Yellow is also often used for arrows to indicate areas that are one way only to avoid collisions.


White car park marking paint helps to outline cells where equipment can be stored. This helps to keep warehouses tidy and organised and encourages workers to leave machinery where it was found.

Red and white stripes

This ‘candy cane’ line depicts areas that need to be kept clear of obstacles and tells workers they should stand back. It’s essential to use this kind of marking to adhere to safety regulations.

Yellow and black stripes

The universal danger colours, these markings are usually around areas that are hazardous, whether that’s because they store chemicals or house dangerous machinery that’s in operation.

Fluorescent stripes

Often in green, yellow or orange, fluorescent stripes are typically used for the edges of stairs so that they are easily visible even in dimly lit rooms.

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